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The Bonney-Ziegler Group (BZG) is led by Patty Bonney & Martin Ziegler. Their BZG motto is: Demand Quality Expect Change! They stand beside their clients to support inevitable transitions and build systems to achieve and improve company goals and objectives.

The BZG consultants are serious when it comes to a company’s success while being easy-going in their engagements and day-to-day operations. The combination of expertise in the field and a positive attitude brings a ‘can do’ ethic to the work place. Clients take an instant liking to want them to be on your team. A key to their success is their ability to work and communicate with all levels of an organization.

The BZG is located near the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Their consultants have a flexible work arrangement depending on a client’s needs. They can work remotely, at a centrality site or be on site at a company’s facility.

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